"TIGERS LOVE PEPPER. THEY HATE CINNAMON" Cinnamon Candy Para-Soy Blend Star Wax Melts 3oz.

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Personally, I think tigers do like cinnamon. They have a thing for spices. But I'm not arguing with the crazy guy trying to drug a tiger.

Do you remember those spicy little red cinnamon candies from childhood? Or maybe your most recent encounter with this scent is in the form of a liquor with gold flecks. No judgment here. Either way, the smell is irresistible and tasty. So, why not make your whole house smell like that! In keeping with the hot, red candy theme, we've colored these melts bright red. And we've made these melts in star shapes, coordinating with our movie theme! Each package contains 14 fun star melts.

Estimated burn time/fragrance longevity:  20-30 hours per 2 melts

Burn times are greatly affected by factors such as type/brand of burner used, as well as room size and drafts. Never burn a wax melt unattended and never burn for more than 4 hours. Keep out of reach of children and pets (aka 4 legged children). Do not ingest. Follow safety precautions printed on the warning label on the wax melt package as well as safety precautions for your individual wax burner.

What's more fun that cinnamon?