"I LOVE YOU." "I KNOW." Cherry Fizz Para-Soy Blend Wax Melt Hearts 5oz.

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More iconic words have never been spoken between a princess and a smuggler, even if she happened to like nice men...

You too can show the scoundrel in your life how much you love him (or her) this Valentine’s Day with these cute little heart-shaped wax melts. These melts are bursting with a yummy Cherry Fizz fragrance - a blend of cherry, bubbly effervescence, and a lime twist. It’s so good!

For this Valentine’s Day, we are offering these wax melts in a 5 ounce bag mixture of 8 Cherry Red and Cherry Pink heart-shaped melts. These are much larger than our regular, star-shaped melts - a whopping 1.5 inches by 1.5 inches, so you'll only need to burn one at a time.  Eight will last you a really long time!

Estimated burn time /fragrance longevity:  20-30 hours per melt

Burn times are greatly affected by factors such as type/brand of burner used, as well as room size and drafts. Never burn a wax melt unattended and never burn for more than 4 hours. Keep out of reach of children and pets (aka 4 legged children). Do not ingest. Follow safety precautions printed on the warning label on the wax melt package as well as safety precautions for your individual wax burner.

This scent isn't just for Valentine's Day - it's great year-round! We love this fragrance and know you will, too.