"BUT WHAT ABOUT SANTA'S COOKIES?" Christmas Cookie Gingerbread Man Wax Melts 3oz. in Holiday Tin

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Yes, Buddy. The parents eat those, too. How else could Santa get all those presents delivered in one night?

Do you remember those great little butter cookies in the tin that your family had every Christmas? Well, this scent is as close as it gets. We love those yummy morsels so much that we wanted to include this fragrance in our Holiday Candle line. Truth be told, my Dad still loves them! Burning this candle will have your house feeling cozy and festive in no time. We've taken this great scent and fashioned it into cute little buttery yellow mica gingerbread man cookies. The mica swirls as the cookie melts and is very eye-catching. We package 12 of these wax melts into a holiday tin - perfect for gift-giving!

Estimated burn time/fragrance longevity:  20-30 hours per 2 melts

Burn times are greatly affected by factors such as type/brand of burner used, as well as room size and drafts. Never burn a wax melt unattended and never burn for more than 4 hours. Keep out of reach of children and pets (aka 4 legged children). Do not ingest. Follow safety precautions printed on the warning label on the wax melt package as well as safety precautions for your individual wax burner.