Our Story

We love movies. Plain and simple. And if you're like us, you quote movie lines in everyday conversation. Especially the good movies. You know - the ones from the 1980s.

Wax On Wax Off Candles and Soaps is a family business. It started out as my dream to try a new hobby - soapmaking. It took over 10 years to give it a go, and not long after, I decided to give candlemaking a whirl, too. Next came wax melts and whipped soaps. I never thought I had a creative bone in my body before I started down this path in October of 2018. And like many other people, I was pushed to start this business out of tragedy. After a serious illness in July of 2018, I decided that life was too short to not go for my dreams. I wanted to bring joy and happiness to others and build a family business in the process.

So I started a little candle and soap company. And I decided to base my creations on something our family loves - movies. And although I am the main creator of all these "good-smellings," all credit for the company name goes to my fiance. He provides inspiration for the names and scents of our products, too!

Our hope is that you find some cool products in our little shop, that the names stir up fond memories of your favorite movies, and that we can bring a smile to your face.